Course curriculum

    1. Patchwork Chore Coat Pattern

    2. Patchwork Chore Coat Instructions

    3. Patchwork Chore Coat Print-At-Home

    4. Patchwork Chore Coat US Copy

    5. Patchwork Chore Coat A0

    1. Introduction

    2. Supplies

    3. Supply List Checklist

    1. Module 1A: Using a Vintage Quilt

    2. Using a Vintage Quilt

    3. Selecting a Vintage Quilt Handout

    1. Module 1B: Creating a Quilt

    2. Making a Quilt

    3. Making a Quilt Handout

    4. Hand Quilting Considerations

    5. Pattern Measurements for Panels Handout

    6. Coloring Page

    1. Module 2: Printing the Pattern, Making a Muslin

    2. Printing the Pattern

    3. Making a Muslin: How to sew together a muslin

    4. Making a Muslin: What to look for when trying on your muslin

    5. Printing the Pattern & Making a Muslin Handout

    6. Extra: Modifying Pattern Length

    7. Extra: Modifying Pattern for Zipper

    8. Zipper Modifications Handout

    1. Module 3: Cutting your Quilt & Fabrics

    2. Cutting Your Quilt

    3. Cutting Lining Pieces

    4. Cutting Your Fabrics Handout

    5. Choosing a Finishing Method

    6. Making Bias Tape

    7. Sewing in the Zipper

About this course

  • $98.95
  • 52 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content
  • Patchwork Chore Coat PDF Pattern

Course includes pattern!

The Quilt Coat Course includes the Patchwork Chore Coat Pattern

  • Patchwork Chore Coat Pattern

    $20 value

    Downloadable PDF coat pattern comes with four files: an instruction file, a print-at-home file, a US Copy Shop (36" x 48") file, an A0 file. Course walks you through how to construct this coat with either a hood or a collar.

Create a quilt coat as unique as you are

About this Course

This Quilt Coat Course is available on-demand and is self-paced. Participants receive access to all 6 modules instantly and can work through them at their own pace. Access to videos is limited to 4 months, but you may purchase additional video access once the window has lapsed. This course does not include community, live videos, or access to instructor. If you're looking for a community experience, course is offered as a guided experience once a year. Click the button below for more information.

What's Included

  • Patchwork Chore Coat PDF Pattern

    The Patchwork Chore Coat has a relaxed, but not oversized fit, comes in one length with button closure. Pattern details out different seam finishing methods, including a binding option that allows the coat to be reversible. One length, two views: hood and collar.

  • Step-by-Step Video Instruction

    Course walks through all aspects of making a quilt coat. From things to consider when sourcing or making a quilt to construction and finishing techniques.

  • Bonus Videos

    Bonus videos detail how to lengthen the coat, how to use a zipper instead of buttons, modify the size of the pockets, and face the front of the coat instead of binding it.

  • Module Handouts

    Downloadable PDFs to keep that detail out that module's tasks, tips, & tricks.